Thursday, 11 December 2008

Today is just such a great day of blessings, it has just been so special. Being able to see the ways that God works in us and helps through journeys of emotions. Just being able to pray with people about stuff is amazing. I am not the best prayer in the world and to be honest to pray in front of people, about people is scary, especially as I think I might pray the wrong thing. But really its all about trust in God, not what those around us are thinking. Its so great when people are honest about what they are going through, and I think that we are not like this enough. How do we expect to grow if we aren't honest, though there are times when things shouldn't be said.
Also something else that came up was about families and christian families. Our families accept through the good and the bad, are honest with us and accepting of us, and quick to point out when we are wrong, and joyful with us when we go through exciting stuff. Surely we should be like this with our Christian families and not hold them at arms length, especially as there are those whose blood families aren't christians so have a different view on things (not necessarily a bad thing). Though it maybe hard it is definitely something to think on!!!

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