Monday, 6 April 2009

Toilets and stuff

Ok so currently holidaying in China and knew the whole toilet situation thig was going to be weird, I mean it seriously makes you value the privacy of having your own toilet which i'm so glad our hotel room does. But beforewe got to our hotel room there was a need for the toilet and so we went but there was already someone in there squatting and no partititions other toilet next to her that is not really a toilet but a civilsed hole that has a toilet look to it (get the idea) anyway it took at least two minutes to get up the courage and go near this poor lady. It was weird with a capotal and sadly one that may have to be repeated. ugh.
For other weird stuff (to me anyway) outside the restautants they have their food on display fish swimming and vegetables thankfully not other meat though they do in the market saw a fish gutted (gross) but anyway we kept seeing these weird fly fish things in the water which turned out to be dragonfly nymphs or something. minging looking. Later on we see them fried so Paul bought one for trying and Sam built up the courage to try, Beccy just broke it off and ate it no probs, Paul ate it. I was not to be outdone but I couldn't touch it and managed to drop the first to bits, Beccy had to break it off for me amd i managed to throw it in my mouth, wasn;t as bad as it looked but won't repeat the experience it just looks to gross. But having a great time and not struggling to bad with the ol chopsticks managed to eat rice with them. get me :)

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